Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hankering for a boat and Need Advice

I've got a hankering to get a boat, and I'm interested in any advice or recommendations that anywhere here has when you read what I've got in mind.
My family had a ski/fishing boat when I was growing up, and it was a dandy. Billy's Ray's folks had a similar boat up at their old farm in East Texas. I used our boat quite frequently going back to high school days, and have traversed bays and lakes all over the state in that boat. But at some point, it began to show stress cracks in the fiberglass, and the engine was nearing the end of it's reliable useful service period, and although I considered buying the boat from my folks when they sold it, I ultimately decided I didn't need another huge project like that in my life.
But I'm ready now for another boat. It'll look something like the Orkney boat pictured above, which is a 15 and a half footer with a forward cabin. What I want is something a little longer, perhaps a 17 or 18 footer, with a larger cabin that covers the driving console. I'd even consider one that was enclosed, if it had a rooftop air conditioning unit on it.
I've seen some boats that are just a little bigger than these, say 23 to 25 footers, that have the covered forward cabin and then a cuddy cabin down below with a small dinette and tiny kitchen, a head and a forward sleeping berth.
I'll be buying a used boat, for sure, preferably one without a motor. I'd like the motor to be new, because if the boat is structurally sound, all that is usually required is some decorative refurbishing and some updating of limited electronics. Maybe a rewiring.
I've seen a few boats fitting both the larger and smaller spectrum at some used boat yards in my recent travels. But that's what I'll be aiming for.


  1. I don't know anything about boats except that when I come to your neck of the woods, I'll be expecting a ride on yours!!! from your friend in exile

  2. You've got it, whether this is so and so or whatshisname.

    Three essential items the boat must have, even if it doesn't have sleeping quarters:
    1. A covered area to keep me and mine from getting sunburned;
    2. a fridge of some sort to keep cold things cold, like tropical boat drinks; and
    3. some sort of portable marine head so that we don't have to return to shore when nature calls when tapping into aforementioned refridgerator.

    A few good friends would be nice as well.

  3. So and so says it sounds good

  4. 1) forget the fridge use ice chests, they double as seats/fish storage. Minimize electrical systems where possible - they are a constant maintenance headache.

    2) 2 engines if offshore, even just the jetties. A main plus troller/kicker is ok. I've learned this leasson hard more than once.

    3) I'm fond of the canvas covers over a light frame like sea-rays have.

    4) Second the head. This is the only way you can fish with women.

    5) Salt water washdown system a real plus.

    6) make sure the gunwales are high enough to be comfortable when fishing.

    7) When the blue water washes the sea buoy of the freeport channel at dawn, there's no better place for a fisherman to be!

  5. Excellent advice, Kevin, and I thank you, Sir. Strongly agree about the two motors as well, even if the second motor is a kicker.

    I too, have broken down in the bay before and had a have a tow. Fortunately, it was a calm day.

    Appreciate the suggestions, Kevin!