Saturday, July 25, 2009

Goodbye not farewell

Three bloggers shut down operations this week, and it was three blogs I frequented near daily. They were good blogs, each very different in format, subject matter and writing style, but each served to ease some daily stress for me because they were often hilarious to read. Who they were or why they decided to quit blogging is not really as important as for them to know they were appreciated and very talented writers.

If they read this, I hope they do know how much El Fishing Musician will miss their wit and stories. I know that one day I'll see some of their writing again, perhaps in a bestseller book or a magazine article.

I'm going to keep talking about Texas, fishing and musicianing, but I have to say I'll be missing quite the inspiration I got from these three blog writers.

Adios, my freinds...I won't be taking any comments on this subject.

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