Sunday, July 26, 2009

Excellence in Police Work

Read this article in the LA Weekly paper about some LA detectives who went above and beyond the call, by using their noggins and thinking outside the box, to nab a rapist that terrorized the city for many years and had escaped capture for decades.

It all started with a hunch by LAPD Detective Diane Webb, to follow up on all registered sex offenders in LA who had not given DNA samples, as they were required. Although the killer targeted has not been caught, a madman who killed and terrorized for over thirty years is now off the streets.

An interesting item I learned in this article was that California had required sex offenders to register SINCE 1947. That's roughly 40 years before Texas and many other states began requiring sex offenders to register. The Black Dalia case was the impetus for registration

That was some damn fine detective work, Detective Diane Webb! Your fellow officers deserve credit too for a job well done, but I'm holding out for a departmental commendation and promotion, with accompanying HUGE raise in pay, for talented dedication like you, LAPD Detective Diane Webb, exhibited here!

There's no telling how many lives you saved, Diane. Just remember that. Commendation and promotion and recognition may have escaped you thus far, according to the above article, but child, you did a good thing for humanity.


  1. Dear Fishing Musician: This was doubly nice to see in that Diane is my wife and I love fishing! Thanks for the great post. Funny thing, she didnt want a promotion or more pay...she was just happy to put this guy in jail. She and the rest of the Robbery Homicide Detective are a very committed bunch. Problem is, not a one of them can fish worth a hoot! Thanks. Rick

  2. Rick and Diane (say, isn't that a John Cougar song, or is that Jack and Diane?)

    What a pleasure to know that your wife read this. As a long time murder prosecutor with much DNA experience, I professionally salute your wife.

    Since the time I posted this in July, 2009, we the public now know about the familial dna searches going on at the same time that led to the apprehension of the killer. Y'all are really proving again that California leads the nation in most things, and these postive efforts have made LA a safer place.

    People need to take the time and thank your wife for being an exemplary public servant!

    Feel free to email me at elfishingmusician AT yahoo DOT com.