Thursday, May 9, 2013


Switchblades were outlawed in Texas in the 1950's out of fear of their use by gangs, but we never really had that widespread of a gang culture until the 1980's. Now, it looks like they have a good chance of being legal in Texas.

The Austin American Statesman today reports that the measure introduced by State Representative Harold Dutton (D) of Houston. Mr. Dutton says that he introduced the bill to conjure some gun control talk, but instead knife collectors, outdoorspeople, conservative republicans and just the average guy like me who has always wanted to own a switchblade or two but couldn't because they were illegal.

When Stefi's Blog was going and a blowing on a regular basis, I'd often read and learn a great deal from Rob, Stefi and the other great folks over there. Rob, Stefi and Amica know a great deal about knives and what makes a good one. 

From what I learned from them, I'm ready to do some online switchblade buyin' of the Frank Beltrane variety and maybe even a nice microtech.

Although the Microtech knives are expensive, if they were legal and could be carried I'd certainly opt for one of those for a backup self-defense weapon to a handgun. I've known folks who've owned high end switchblades but what was the purpose? You can't carry them or use them in any situation. 

So hopefully that will change. I've seen lots of nice knives from different makers I'd like to have, in addition to the Beltranes and the Microtechs.

I'd also like a custom made Buck 110 auto.

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