Wednesday, May 29, 2013


All we are waiting on now is the signature of the Governor. It passed the Senate on the 22nd of this month, having previously passed the House with a vote of 141/1. I forget the Senate vote, but it was similar.

All it needs to be is signed by the Governor himself. Then it's law as of September 1, 2013. Then all those people who don't own switchblades can begin carrying their switchblades legally.

And why not? I've been in law enforcement for right at 30 years and I've seen just a couple of switchblades being carried, both being transported by kids bringing them back from the border. Not ever have I seen a switchblade used in a crime or even carried by a known criminal. They prefer guns these days.  I see lots of Glocks and lots of cheap crap handguns in my duties with bad guys. No blades ever.

So Plueeeezzzzzzeeeee Governor Perry, sign that bill. Perry is a second amendment kind of guy, and I know he's aware that the fairly respectable knife and collectors lobbies as well as ordinary joes like myself are in favor of this law.

My State Rep is a very 2nd Amendment type of guy. Big gun owner. Rancher and has a hog problem like nearly every other rural landowner in Texas. If you had a suppressor, a nightscope and maybe a portable stand, you could nail hogs in the double digits easy on his place.

I know he voted for it. He's that type of guy. Great guy.

I did write to the Governor, as well as other reps back when it was in committee. It's not likely he saw my letter, although I am known to him as a person who works in his campaigns. He has an uncanny ability to remember names, and a Judge friend of mine who attended Texas A & M with him said he had that ability then.

Think of it. The Governor knows how many tens of thousands of people..several tens of thousands, I suspect. He once saw me after seeing me some three or four years before, fleetingly I might add, and called me by name. It was an impromptu encounter, so he couldn't have prepared for it.

And in the scheme of things as far as he is concerned, I am a nobody. I command no massive block of votes. I have no money to speak of  to give him for his campaigns, although I've given him campaign donations I'm not a big or ever frequent donor. I'm on the low end of his donor list. Way low.

And yet the dude remembers my name. It impressed me. Despite liberal media portrayals, he is a genius type fellow and just had a bad time in the debates. If you spoke to him one on one, you would like him and think he was very sincere. And I swear it's not an act.

He really needs to be our next president.  

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