Sunday, July 29, 2012


I wish to beef up my Thompson Contender set up. I've got one barrel and what I think is the First Generation receiver. I'd like to get one of the receivers made circa 1983 as I used to have one of those and it had a three position switch on top of the hammer for the firing pin: centerfire, rimfire and safety. If I recall correctly.

What do they call this type of Contender receiver? Is it the second generation, what they were selling new in 1983?

I'd like to get a few rifle barrels and a stock. Did Pachmayr ever make a rear stock for the Contender? I know they make/made a forearm stock and several pistol grips, because I have one, but did they ever make a stock for the gun? I've seen the harder plastic stocks and I'm wondering did anyone, including Pachmayr, ever make a softer rubber covered stock for the Contender rifle?

I certainly want a T/C rifle barrel in .223. Does anyone know if a T/C rifle or pistol barrel was made in 7.62 x 39mm?

I'm also curious about mounting scopes on the T/C. Can you mount rails and then transfer the scope from barrel to barrel and still have a reasonable chance of zeroing? That would be the ideal way, although alot of red dot and small scopes are so cheap used nowadays it wouldn't be outrageous to outfit several barrels with different scopes.

I've run across several deals that could still be done on a lot of Contender barrels. I don't need a lot of barrels, just a couple, and this fellows prices are reasonable and he's also interested in doing some trading for some stuff I haven't used in years.  I always intended to get further into the Contender shooting sports as they were raging in the Houston area back in the 1980's, but never did.

As I've mentioned, my friend The Raven had an extensive collection of Contender rigs and barrels. He was into competitive steel plate and such shooting. He did rather well at it. He took to hunting with them as well. He did rather well at hunting as well. So I had several chances back then to try out different barrels and calibers. He had all kinds of custom barrels and wildcat calibers, as I recall. He would pull them like an arrow from a quiver or a golf club from a golf bag as he competed.

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