Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I  was gonna title this post more on the Mosin Nagant rifle/pistol conversion but did as I did because an anonymous commenter on the thread I wrote on this weapon back in *a shortened and converted Mosin Nagant rifle and the history thereof* , well, that Anonymous commentator pointed out that I made an erroneous catagorization of what would be (as modified) a short barreled rifle vs. a rifle converted to a pistol. The result in terms of what the firearm actually is  remains the same, but I suppose I miscatagorized "legally speaking" what the weapon would be called.

But I will persist in calling the converted Obrez, as it was called in the old country, a pistol. Although legally speaking, it is a short barreled rifle if made or possessed in this country and if converted into what the Russians called "a pistol", back in the day.

So all of that got me to thinking about the extra cool and ultra affordable real pistols made from rifle receivers that were manufactured legally as pistols because the receiver has never been part of a rifle, it's a "virgin" receiver.

Of course, there's the Henry Mare's Leg pistol (it is legally a pistol since the receiver had never been attached to a rifle) and Taurus/Rossi Ranch Hand series (which are also legally pistols too, and it says so right on the box).

Then there are the eastern bloc pistols derived from and modified from "new" AK-47 rifle receivers called the Draco and the Draco Mini. There may be others who make these types of pistols. Again, virgin receivers attached to pistol length barrels and a pistol grip instead of a shoulder stock of any kind and BAM, you have a pistol.

Then there are the multitude of AR-15 derivative pistols on the market, and Smith and Wesson was making a dandy .22 assault rifle receiver pistol, as is Sig with their 522 pistol.

I don't know what the Obrez would weigh, but most of the other guns I've mentioned weigh in at from 4 to 5 pounds, plus accessories, unloaded.

So a modern day Steve McQueen wanting to rig up with a powerful rifle cartridge in a big pistol could put the modern twist on it with a Draco or an AR-15 pistol.  A quality red dot or holographic scope,  green laser and flashlight would turn it into an unbeatable defense weapon. A big rig to be sure, but a holster of stiff cordura or leather could be made for it. Or a shoulder rig not unlike the Feds use for submachineguns.  It would be fun to go trapsing through the woods with a Draco or M&P 15-22 pistol in a quasi-bounty hunter rig, with some extra mags instead of bullet loops.

I'd like to have one of the Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 pistols. I think it would be a hoot to have that in a homemade bounty hunter rig. And cheap to shoot.

But back to the Obrez. What a cool weapon. Big. Unweildy. Undoubtedly loud. A handful recoil wise. Cheap to shoot.  A nice holographic sight up top with a green co-trained laser would make this a formitable weapon for hogs. And you could have bullet loops on your Obrez gunbelt.

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