Thursday, March 31, 2011


ZACH over at The Next Chapter has a new to him gun with some special sentimental meaning that most can understand, but especially the sons of great men who spent time together afield. I'm flattered that I in any way could make him think about a combo rifle/shotgun, but obviously he has some very deep and sacred ties to this model gun from his family tree. So check out Zach's new very cool Steven's .22/410 right 'chere: Stevens Model .22 .410 combo gun with Tenite forend and stock. Bully for him that he found one needing only a minor part or two, and that they are available from the great and mighty Numrich. Zach already has another cool .22/410 combo, the Springfield M6, and that's on my to get list this year as well. No longer being made, I should have got one a few years ago when they were being made and readily available. I let one go about a year ago that my gun dealer had in like new condition for a reasonable price, opting for another firearm at the time. Which I wasn't satisfied with so I shoulda got the M6. Live and learn and pay a hundred or more bucks now for a like specimen. When I was coming up, and as I guess when Zach was coming up, that was a commonality amongst all of my friends. Although most of us lived in the city, many native Texan families in Houston and elsewhere in the state had small places outside of town or access to the relative's family place somewhere in Texas. Of course, my first two guns were a .22 Marlin bolt action and a H&R .410. Got them both and they both still percolate just fine. The Marlin predates my birth as my dad's .22 and I got the .410 for an 8th birthday from K Mart. So I understand the sentimental attachment that can conjure great memories from a gun. Even a gun that isn't the actual family gun. All of our family guns from my father's people burned in a fire at my uncle's home years ago. So my father, like Zach, obtained one of his old favorites, a double barrel side by side 28" external hammer double trigger shotgun, the same exact make and model gun that he'd hunt with as a kid and teen. It's not THE OLD family shotgun, but it's same-same as the OLD and now it's the NEW family shotgun. Now Zach's got a new family gun.

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