Sunday, March 20, 2011


There are a lot of guns I'd like to own. I could make a list, and probably some of these weapons would be in common with the noted firearms enthusiasts and experts who are the regular readers here. Probably some, like the Henry Repeating Arms .22 Mare's Leg, wouldn't be on many lists. As I patiently await the release of the Henry Mare's Leg in .22, I decided I should hone in on another gun for the time being. I've been doing some spring cleaning, particularly of old no longer used firearms, fishing and musical gear, and doing some ebaying and some forum trading to get some new stuff (Note to kind wife: less stuff though honey, less stuff is the key concept to hone in on here) and to start building a war chest for a gun buy.

Going back to this post about
COMBINATION RIFLE/SHOTGUNS, I've been thinking about that subject a lot and doing some internet readin' on various guns. There's an obvious historical attraction to the Savage line of Combo guns, but I think it's more likely I'll find a Remington International SPR94 in .223/12 gauge in the best or NIB condition for the same money. If worse comes to worse, I can always troll one of the gun auction sites, as I saw a NIB Remington just today for under $500. Of course, an excellent barely used model with a reduced price would be fine as well.

There's more variance in condition of the Savage guns I've looked at on the auction sites. Basically, I've limited myself to the .223/12 gauge, but would buy the right .22/12. I'd keep my mind open for other popular calibers, like say a .243/20, or even a nice .22/.410. But the preference would be to get a .223/12 and get a .22 caliber conversion chingaderra for the .223 barrel.

I read somewhere the opinion that .22 and 12 gauge are the two most popular calibers in America, and thus for a myriad of reasons, this combo makes sense. I can't argue with that, but I'd like to have a bit more beef in my burger on the rifle end of the equation. There are several popular calibers to have, but the beauty of the .223 is the availability and the cheapness right now of that particular ammo.

I can shoot .223 cheaper than .22 magnum, and that's sad.

So with a buttstock shell holder and the right assortment of cartridges, one could have a variety of .223 ammo plus shotshells and buckshot and slugs. I forsee having to make my own shell holder out of leather and elastic since I'd be wanting both rifle and shotgun shell loops on the same holder.

So I'm on the hunt. I'm on the prowl.

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