Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It's an unbelieveable 87 degrees at the hacienda right now, and the high today in my hood was 94. Ninety Four. Damn.

41% humidity and I've been sweating like a pig since I got off of work.

I can't wait for summer to get here. Oh boy.

UPDATE: Now 6 am the next morning, it's a comfortable 58 degrees with a slight nip in the air, with a high today forcast in the low eighties, much gentler than yesterday. 100% humidity at this hour, although that should wane as the morning progresses.

The icing on the cake are the various pollens spewing forth from trees and plants and weeds and bushes.

Sometimes I think snow wouldn't be so bad. And I know, be careful what you wish for.


  1. I saw that on the news. I'd like to be somewhere right smack dab in between, about 55-60F with a cool breeze blowing and little humidity.

    The only place I've found like that is sunny South California and (a) I can't afford to live there; (b) the taxes are out of sight as well as regulations, laws and permits for all kinds of things from lawn mowers to cars and (c) notwithstanding all of that, the access to a varied HUGE amount of public lands of nearly all character from mountains to rivers to creeks to deserts to woods to beaches to all kinds of in between public use lands is a strong attraction to move there, for shooting, fishing, motorbiking, hiking, camping and so on. Free, or nearly so, to access remote and sometimes pristine lands few see.

    A good friend who 30 years ago "went to California 'cuz that's the place he ought to be" referred to all the extra costs as "The Weather Tax". After a few years near San Diego, he moved to Oregon, then Washington, then Idaho and then curiously to North Carolina where he has been the last ten years.

  2. I wanted to beat you at the 87 degrees. I am so jealous. Don't really take it as physical violence...just my outrage at Mother Nature here. Oy. LOL

  3. It got to 83 today with a nice cool breeze blowing. By 5 pm it was more humid but still tolerable. This will last for a month or so, then it'll be hot and humid and miserable until October.

    I wear a suit to work many days, or jacket and slacks. Not the best outfit for hot weather.

    Mrs. El Fisho wants to move to Wyoming where you're at. She's lived in Montana before and says it's no biggie. I've been in snow maybe 6 times in my life, none eventful. I'm skeptical.

    But on the other hand, I was born to be a trout bum, and I can only fish for trout in Texas during winter when they are stocked here. I long to fish for trout in streams when I want to, accompanied by El Fisho Jr and some trusty dogs. So I'm gonna have to bite the snow thing bullet one day...