Sunday, February 13, 2011


Well, really not news, except as to me. Living in my cave here sometimes I don't do enough googling about things I'm interested in. Don't get me wrong, I web search plenty about stuff I'm interested in. But as with drummer Rod De'ath, one of my favorite blues rock drummers from the 1970's - 80's, who then more or less in my knowledge sorta laid low for a long time. I've written about Rod, who I came to appreciate when he was playing with the late Cork County, Ireland guitar legend Rory Gallagher.

Someone posted on a previous Rory thread comment indicating that Rod played in the late 1980's in the band of then Portland, Oregon located Mick Clarke, originally from the UK and from the same circles that Rod and Rory and that whole British bunch of musicians that ran and interacted together socially and musically.

So a visit to the Mick Clarke page shows an album that Rod played on with Mick, as well as several albums that feature Rory ex-band members Lou Martin, Wilgar Campbell (another great drummer) and Mark Feltham.

Mick Clarke has been in lots of rocking bands over the past decades, but my favorites were the short-lived SALT and Killing Floor. I'd heard a lot of his stuff on the KPFT blues radio show over the decades, but never knew Rod had done some drumming time with him.

If you think old dudes can't rock, then you need to listen to someone else other than Eldersmith. The Stones are still doing it but one wishes they would do something on the order of Gimme Shelter, for crying out loud, as a end of the career piece to show all of their haters they still have it.

Here's the link to the Mick Clarke website.

This dude is working for a living. Buy some of his stuff, either old or new. I'm going shopping right now to get a few of his discs.

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