Friday, February 4, 2011


The middle image is of the Performance Center Model 67 Carry Comp from the website. The first shot is of a blued Model 15 from the Xavier Thoughts website, as seen in my blog roll. Finally, the last picture is again of the Carry Comp version of this fine gun. Sadly, I can't find a good shot of a Model 67 with wood grips to cut and paste, but I'll keep looking.

I am lucky enough to own one of these guns, which was one of the guns my father often carried, first in law enforcement and then for protection. When my dad was in the Air Force in during the Korean War, he trained on two different handguns, the 1911 and a Smith and Wesson revolver of the Military Police variety.

Upon getting out of the service, of one thing he was convinced: He did not trust semi-automatic pistols. He had bad experiences with both the 1911 and the M1 Carbines they were trained with. He preferred old school, the revolvers, that the Air Force was still using to train and issue to their forces.

I know my dad didn't use a Model 10, because they didn't start making those until about 1958, long after his tour of duty ended. The Model 10 soon became the standard sidearm for American police, much as the Glock has been for the past 20 years. A few years later, The Model 15, an adjustable sight version of the Model 10, was introduced and dubbed "The Combat Masterpiece".

A few years after that, a stainless steel version of the Model 15 Combat Masterpiece was introduced, named the Model 67.

That's what I have, the Model 67 with a 4" barrel. It's one of few guns whose stock wood grips work better and fit my hand better than Pachmayrs. Like the Colt Cobra, the wood grips on this square butt gun fit my hand perfectly. Sure, it shoots good with Pachmayrs on it, but I shoot dang near just as well with the original stock grips on it.

And that's unusual for me, because all of my revolvers of .38 Special or larger wear Pachmayrs of one sort or another. For the past 30 years now, I've been a Pachmayr believer, and have seen no reason to change to another grip. The difference in shooting most revolvers, particularly magnum pistols, with factory vs. Pachmayr grips is for me, astonishingly better with Pachmayrs. I know, I know, news flash.

So it is unusual that I have not clad this Model 67 in Pachmayr grips. About the only change I'd like to make to it right now is to find and buy the Cylinder and Slide rear sight module, which is somewhat like a Novak rear sight, to make the pistol a little easier to carry on those rare occasions that I carry it. I also have a dandy custom made holster that I got off of an auction site that would work just great with a low profile rear sight like the C&S K frame rear sight replacement, but doesn't work well with the standard high profile blades on the rear sight.

I've tried several times to buy a 3" barrel for this gun from Smith and Wesson, as for the past few years their Performance Center was making a dandy Model 67 with a 3" barrel and the C&S rear sight.

I wrote about this gun last year, the Model 67 Carry Comp here SMITH AND WESSON PERFORMANCE CENTER MODEL 67 CARRY...

I've been told by Smith and Wesson that "we don't have that part for sale at this time but check later for availability". I recently checked the S&W website and it appears that they are not making this pistol model anymore, so I need to check again to see if they have any of these 3" barrels for sale.

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  1. True happiness is a Spring day at the range with a S&W K-frame .38.