Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I've known folks who chase white bass across Texas as the spring fever hits the fish and the mating spawn begins. I've mentioned in the previous post about going white bass fishing below the Lake Livingston Dam in East Texas and fishing several hundred miles and a thousand or so feet higher on the Mighty Colorado River outside of Bend, Texas, in any number of Hill Country locales. They've got a State Park and at least one private fishing camp with cabins in the area, and for many years the area that is now the park was private fishing camps.

It's been awhile since I've been to Bend, Texas and the Colorado. This might be a good year to visit. The last time Billy Ray and I ventured out there, it was way past white bass season, but we hooked up with a good site on a private fishing camp nearby and had no one in our area and had a big deep pool with nice wadeable rapids above and below a huge deep pool. Our side of the river was a gentle slope into a gravel bar entry into the river, and across the river was a huge cliff providing shade for much of the afternoon. Just an ideal location.

In the intervening years, most of my white bass fishing has been done in largely small creeks that either feed into lakes or into rivers that eventually form lakes. Some of the best fishing I've done for white bass has been on smaller creek mouths, where they enter the lake or river a bit upstream. You can do this fishing from the bank or a boat, with legal access of course.

Point is, all over Texas the white bass will be running. I'd be an interesting trip to hit a couple of different spots across the state for spring break, and although sometimes in the past it's been very cold during spring break in the Hill Country where Bend is located and the season just hasn't begun yet, I'm encouraged by the news that the run is already happening to an extent on the Nueces River in South Texas. Perhaps that's a good omen for next month and a well timed spring break white bass run.

My good friend El Bar lives in East Texas and is an avid fisherman and would be up for running El Fisho Jr., Billy Ray and I around some East Texas lakes in his area in his super De-Luxe green metal flake painted bass boat. The Green Hornet. Or the Green Whore-net, as several of his friends have noticed, since the boat so damn sporty (and it is a really nice and really fast and big boat, trust me on this) that women at the boat ramp often strike up a convo with El Bar when he is *with boat*. And it's green metal flake, which normally I wouldn't think would look great but it does.

So I know that if there was any white bass fishing going on in the Eastern parts of the state, El Bar would be up for chasing it. Retired, he does a lot of fishing nowadays.

I think we could fill our plate and time with just two fishing locations. Several days with El Bar doing some river and creek fishing above big lakes, then a day for leisurely travel, stopping to see the historical sites and any museums and such and doing some good eating, and then a couple of days fishing the banks on the Mighty Colorado, and probably going back and forth to Lampassas to stay the evenings or camping if not too cold.

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