Sunday, November 7, 2010


The letter asked the President to deploy Federal troops and engage in other matters consistent with the bloodbath occurring in Mexico and which has already spilled over into Texas. We just have not seen the bloodbath killings here like have been occurring all over Mexico, and particularly in the border area with Texas.
The President refused to accept that letter. He shrugged it off to an assistant. Our Governor, Rick Perry, made a bold stand. He broke protocol. He was a Texas Gentleman about it as well. He clapped when the President exited his plane, as he should, and he heartily shook the President's hand and sincerely welcomed him to Texas. Again, as he should.
As a native Texas, it was a snub not unlike when Clayton Williams refused to shake the late Ann Richard's hand when running for Governor twenty years ago, and Ann Richards got some strong voting milage out of old time Texas types that would not have voted for her otherwise.
With the clocks turning back an hour, my body is back in it's natural time zone. I don't know about anybody else, but my body was set for living during the fall, winter and spring when we are falling back.

Elections are over, the phone calls and mail has stopped, but the politicos will be out fundraising their rears off because you know this election was expensive. I'm mostly glad that the people are sending a message to our politicos. I'm not a Tea Party guy, and although most of my friends and the elected officials I support are Republicans, there certain folks I do vote for who are Democrats.

I damn sure think our Texas Governor ought to be running for President. And I'm thinking that Rick Perry can beat Barack Obama flat out bad in 2012. In fact, I think President Obama might oughta start listening, because I believe that Perry is going to be coming to Washington D.C.

So it's been worth the peace and quiet having the the Democrats and the liberal media basically STFU for a few days and stand around looking very pale and generally speechless. It's nice to hear their promises of compromise now, but hey buddy, don't take out any long term leases on housing in DC just right now. You might want to wait for that next election cycle.

So the peace and quiet from the liberal yammerers in the media and in Washington has been worth it's weight in gold. I know such things aren't meant to last, as was said about a different subject altogether in the Matrix franchise by Monica Belluci. But in combination with the time change, it's been a great end of the week and weekend.

I spouted my "RICK PERRY FOR PRESIDENT" hypothesis on Billy Ray on election night. Billy Ray has no read for politics unfortunately, always voting for the independent and the green party candidates. Even now, with some nice Tea Party action happening, I'm pretty sure he voted for the losers. As is his right, God bless him.

I could go back to the early eighties and discuss Billy Ray supporting fringe candidates or the most unlikely Democratic Presidential nominees or other number of non-viable candidates, but it'd just be one big tale of losers who later became bloggers for the Huffington Post. Basically, when you watch election results and see that seven or eight people actually voted for the independent or green party candidate for Governor and you say to yourself, "Self, I wonder who voted for those people. I never heard of the candidate before tonight. They must not have sent out bios to the paper."

Well, wonder no more, Billy Ray is one of those folks who vote for them.

But now Billy Ray has decided I'm onto something. Of course, Billy Ray was predicting last spring that one of our Texas Senators, Ms. Kay Bailey "I used to be a TV reporter in Houston" Hutchinson was gonna beat the wampum out of our now third term Governor. THE ONLY third term governor in the history of this historic State. Of course, KBH fell by the wayside, and I know that caused Billy Ray to open his eyes a little bit.

So for now, and I really mean FOR NOW Billy Ray is convinced, as am I, that Perry should run for President. The American people need a can do President. One who can make President Obama look in his eyes and get a'scared, like the President and Senator Pelosi were looking in pictures last Wednesday.

His support for Perry for President won't last, but mine will. There will be some fringe candidate from, say, Florida or perhaps Utah, and they'll be a lesbian-wiccan/reformed old-school Morman upbringing who has full sleeve tattoos AND neck tattoos and some kind of bad hair problem and that candidate will catch Billy Ray's eye as a viable candidate, with some kind of nutso stand on gas drilling or perhaps candy production or some other side interest that can motivate Billy Ray to follow an Independent or Green candidate.

But here's to you, Rick. Don't even listen to anyone in the national party telling you to take a VP slot behind Palin. Palin is yesterdays news and everyone knows it. You need to find someone on your own for a VP that can compliment you in the areas that won't like you because you're a Texan. Run your own ticket and I think America will get behind you.

We've got Attorney General Greg Abbott here who many of us hope will run for Governor when you move up to D.C. Texas will be alright but the Nation needs you as President.

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