Friday, April 26, 2013

Been taking a break

Everything's alright, but it's been a really busy year at work and at home.

El busy, as my friend Roberto used to say.

I've got lots left to say, but just haven't had the time to make it to the keyboard much during
leisure time.

Although I've not been writing lately, for reasons perhaps I'll later explain, I've been doing a lot of shooting practice. That's been very fun and very expensive. Also time consuming when it comes to finding and buying some practice ammo. Ammo has been scarce in my part of Texas, which has some pretty big towns in it.

5.56 and 7.62 x 39 have begun reappearing in the Tula brand at several stores. 9mm and .22 is still scarce, as is .45 acp and .357 Magnum. I have been seeing quite a lot of .308 in more expensive brands and a fair amount of .40 cal ammo. Seems like everywhere has some .44 magnum hanging around. The local wal marts sell out of their several times a week delivery within about 3 hours of delivery. Same with Academy. My LGS has a fair stock lately, but no 9mm or .22 of any kind, except for shotshells and .22 Hornet. Shotgun shells are almost non-existent at Walmart.

I'm going to get a set of custom made (for a more than decent price) Texas Ranger Rig to go with two different holsters and ammo carriers, one for a Python and one for a 1911. The Ranger rig, which is a pants belt with matching gun belt set up, is great for wearing in the field. I plan to get the old style 1911 holster, which is similar to the one Old El Paso makes and other makers call them Wild Bunch holsters.

So that's my big news for now. Hope Y'all are well. Be back soon


  1. great to have you back. missed ur blogging. hope all is well with life. be happy --

  2. I'm happy as a speckled trout in a school of shrimp! Thanks!

  3. There you are! Good to see you back in the swim. I sure do miss your writing when you go all quiet.