Sunday, December 16, 2012


Here's a link to a photo of the gun broken open, from the shooters angle, Rossi .22 sxs Derringer broken open.


More specifically, I'm looking for what is referred to on the box as a "Garrucha", Ref # 4521.

It's a Rossi .22 derringer pistol. The past recent auction sales indicate it's not terribly expensive.

I'd like to find one, preferably in mint condition but I'd be interested in any that were very good and above.

It has double barrels, side by side, and double triggers and double external hammers. It has a button that resides in front of the trigger guard and a pull on that button springs open the barrels. It has extrators but not ejectors, as I recall, so you have to pick your cartridges out. No biggie, as I recall, and I know I shot thousands of rounds out of that gun back in  the day.

We used to have one, in nickle, with white handles. My father had it for years, and it was a frequent companion and snake gun on outdoors trips and fishing trips. It did pretty well when loaded with shotshells, and was accurate enough to hit coke cans at 10 or 15 feet.

If I recall correctly, my father gave the Rossi derringer to a young artist who had done some work for my father illustrating a book.

The Rossi derringer was quite a rugged little gun. I've read a couple of threads on various boards depicting it as having a hair trigger, not being accurate at all, etc.

I know my memory is not faulty. Maybe we had a later run of the gun, as most of the examples I see have black factory grips, and ours either had white or imitation pearl grips. It might not have been a Smith and Wesson or Colt in quality, but the I remember that the actions were good, the triggers were not hair triggers on the one we had, and that when you pressed the open button the gun action snapped open nice and firm and sharply.

Overall, I was impressed with it, and have long sought to find one, but now I'm really looking. It doesn't look like much in the photos above, in fact it looks sorta janky to me. Let me assure you it was a solid weapon, solidly built and very sturdy. Although anything can happen both good and bad when you are touching off explosions in your hand, I always felt safe shooting it and again, it was solidly built.


  1. Did you find one?

  2. I have one in the box . I've never used it myself but have had it in my possesion for at least 45 years