Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I'm ready already for the new Bond movie to get here. Yes. Sad, isn't it? A grown man and what he looks forward to the most in the next several weeks is the arrival of an almost didn't get made Bond movie.

That's the way it is.

I like this Daniel Craig fellow as Bond.  I didn't so much mind the Bond before him, Pierce whatshisname, or the other guy before that, but they were no Sean Connery or Roger Moore. So hopefully the Bond group will use the success of this latest film to ensure that some more Bond films happen, and on a little more frequent basis please.

Seems like there are enough storylines out there in the world to take Bond off on a tangent on as to guarantee the continued longevity of the Bond franchise.

I'd really like to see him get a gun worth having. Nothing wrong for those low-key moments like a .380 PPK, but I'd be toting a Glock or HK or Sig or Colt or any number of other handguns for those really dangerous moments, were I a double naught spy.

The P99 does nothing for me. Fine gun and all, but other guns do it so much better.


  1. I purchased Dr. No the other day because I could not recall ever seeing it. It turned out that I had seen parts of it somewhere along the line. Anyway, I sat through the whole thing this time and enjoyed it.

    I own a PPK and always wondered why one looked so big in Sean Connery's hand... it turns out they used the PP for the movie, all the while calling it a PPK. Other Dr. No gun trivia can be found at the url below.

  2. I have a blued American made PPK as well and have owned several other PPK and PPK/S, and now the mystery is answered.

    I love that website but had never read those Bond pages before. Now I also know why Goldfinger had an unusual gun not in the movie on the cover of the poster and promo stuff. A Walther air pistol. Cool as heck. I always thought it was some kind of .22 Auto...

    So now the legions of Bond fanatics (and I know one lawyer who carries a PPK exclusively in a Bond like shoulder holster) need to get PP's rather than PPK's.

    I still wish Smith and Wesson would make a .22 PPK. I think they would sell many of them. And I could afford to shoot it often.