Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Like many in the world, I'm a James Bond fan. Whether Roger Moore, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosden, the other Bonds or our current Bond, I still enjoy the movies.

I remember when some of the cable networks used to have ten or twelve days of Bond during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays back in the 90's, maybe they still do. Since then, I've gotten some of my more favorite Bond movies on DVD.

As a gun enthusiast, likewise I've always enjoyed looking at the guns that appeared in Bond movies. His PPK is as much a part of his identity for most of his fans with interest in firearms, who likewise know that the P99 used in several movies is a better combat weapon.

Since M made Bond trade in his .25 caliber Beretta for the Walther PPK in .32 caliber in the sixties, it's been nothing but Walther for Bond as his duty weapon. There have been times he's used other guns, such as a Model 29 whilst in the Carribean, but they've just been part of the action.

So since the sixties, it's been either a Walther PPK or a Walther P99.

What other guns might a modern day 007 really carry as his primary weapon?

Something high powered, like the FN 5.7, and wouldn't it be cool if the gun designers made a compact version of the 5.7 for Bond?

Perhaps a Glock 10mm as a hard shooting gun, and you could have that even in a compact model.

I would think that a nice double shoulder rig with dual Glock Model 18 machine pistols outfitted with extended mags would make the perfect raid gun for Bond, when he gets dressed in all black for a nighttime recon run.

The Kimber Solo is an elegant looking firearm, and one that is roughly the same size as the PPK, yet with a far more potent round.

Maybe Bond's CIA friend Felix could give him a gun to use. Maybe something sort of old school/new school like a 3" 1911, telling him he needs the knockdown power of a .45 and the reliability of a pistol design that's over 100 years old. Or maybe some kind of Sig-Sauer pistol. 

I've always thought the HK P7 would be a good Bond gun, especially in .40 caliber. Although dated, it's a great, reliable and accurate gun and a gun that would  still be found in lots of places  in Europe.

Even more dated but a pistol that a fellow Bond's age would have used extensively would be the Browning Hi Power. Since Bond was some sort of commando in the British Navy, he likely would have trained with and used a Hi Power like other British special forces. It would be cool to see Bond with a Hi Power.

I'm sure there are other guns out there that would be a good choice for Bond. What do you think a good gun would be for 007?

Would Bond want a laser sight on a pistol, what with his expert marksman shooting abilities? I don't think he'd need one.

And what kind of holster would he carry? IWB or belt or shoulder?


  1. To my taste, the stories were more interesting when he faced the world armed only with a .25 Beretta. Maybe a Seecamp / NAA / Kel Tec .32 or .380 would be in order for today. Ken Null's Model SMZ would be a clean and light shoulder carry; an inside the waistband holster would be okay as an option.

    I do like the idea of a compact FN 5.7; maybe they can make it select fire with a compact super secret high tech suppressor.

  2. A Seecamp would be cool, and it wouldn't be out of the question for a guy like JB to go "all old school" and maybe get a Beretta .25, perhaps from the archives of Her Majesty, as a backup in an ankle holster. Totally easy to conceal no matter what type of pants a real man might wear.

    Like both the SMZ suggestion as well as the select fire compact 5.7. As it is, and trust me on this, the 5.7 fixed sight model has proved to be an awesome handgun.

  3. And of course, the acting was completely different back when Bond was using a .25.

  4. A modern Bond would using something more along the lines of a Ruger LCP (if keeping with the .380), but considering the advances in concealed carry firearms, a Walther PPS, or the new Springfield XD-S 9mm might be more suitable.

  5. I think it would be cool if Bond's gun was reverted to a Beretta. A Beretta Px4 Storm Compact (or even Sub-Compact) chambered in .40 S&W would be ideal for modern, 21st century secret agent. Bond is up against new technologies and weaponry now. He is going to need an extra kick in order to neutralize his enemies especially if they are wearing body armor.