Monday, September 10, 2012


Over at The Firearms Blog, which you'll find in my blog roll, there's a post about a great new Glock ad, GLOCK- CONFINDENCE TO LIVE YOUR LIFE. Check it out, it's a great ad indeed.

That's the thing about Glocks, particularly if you're into various types of handguns either current models or older semi-autos or revolvers. I love the 1911, the HK P7 as well as Colt and Smith and Wesson revolvers. But I would grab a Glock 21 if it were a one gun choice, and that's almost under any circumstance.

A six inch Colt Python, followed by a series 70 Government model, come in third and fourth respectively. What's the second choice, you ask? A Glock 19. Enough said on my humble opinion of Glocks.

I'm still curious about the print ad Glock ran some time ago where Gunny was telling of meeting a PH (professional hunter, as in generally African big dangerous game professional hunters) or a PH assistant who had been carrying a Glock in the field for 20 years or so. Gunny offered him a brand new Glock and apparently the fellow refused stating his pistol had served him well and basically it still had a lot of miles to go on it. He was very happy with it and as I recall, indicated it had saved his life on more than one occasion.

So I'm curious as to what model Glock that is. Based on my experience with Glocks, it could be any model as far as reliability and performance, but I'm curious what caliber he's using to stop charging dangerous game in Africa, because it would seem like that's a good caliber to consider having around.

As I've written previously, I shot competitively with a Model 21 for a number of years in the early 90's. My initial appearance with one of the first Model 21's in Houston was not universally appreciated at the particular shooting club I was in. The 1911'ers hooted and hollered about hi cap mags and this and that, and when it came down to playing by their rules and frequent mag changes, some began to see the beauty of a then newly introduced and high priced $600 gun that was out shooting their several thousand dollar customed out to the max 1911s.

After a few months, half the group was shooting Model 21's and leaving their fancy 1911's at home. I sold my race guns, and never looked back. I still love shooting and carrying 1911's, but for a one gun forever choice, it'd be the 21. I shoot it well even though the grip is too big for me (the SF is a BIG improvement for me personally) but it seems I forget all about the ill fitting grip when I'm shooting. Any Glock makes me a better shot than what I am with other guns, and many friends of mine maintain the same.

So I have a lot of history with Glocks, and I'm glad to see that they're concerned with consumer sales.

Maybe that means they'll start listening to the masses of Glock fanatics on various sites and blogs and forums who want a slim 9mm Glock, a 5.7 Glock and a really slim .22 LR Glock, not to mention the clamor for a Glock rifle of various sorts.

That's not too much to ask for from a great company like Glock, is it?

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