Friday, May 18, 2012


An open letter to Springfield Armory:

Your guns are the bomb. I have an MIA Scout and a M6 Scout combination rifle. I've shot both some of the XD and 1911pistols your company makes, and as soon as some deals come my way on new or lightly used examples of either, I'll be snagging one. Probably a 1911. I have supported your company with my dollars and I'm sure I will in the future.

I wasn't that "into" the M6 Scout survival rifle.shotgun back when it was being made by CZ and sold by you. I thought it cool and very functional, considering the fact I've long been a Savage Combo rifle/shotgun fan. After owning one, it's become one of my favorite guns.

In looking on the *internets* over the past years, I saw an example of the M6 Scout Pistol that would chamber and fire .45 Colt as well as .410 and then a barrel with .22 LR or Hornet. Pundits all over the internet contend alternatively about whether the M6 Pistol ever actually hit the market. If it ever was on the market, it was for a very short time.


The gun pictured above was the released version of the M6 Scout Pistol.

I'd buy one of these if you'd starting making/importing/selling these M6 pistols. I'd buy more than one if there were other caliber options for .22 barrel, like maybe .223 or the 5.7 x 28mm over the .410/.45 L.C.

The difference is, that the M6 pistol was built to chamber and fire the .45 Colt, which has a slightly larger sized bullet than the barrel of a normal M6 rifle/shotgun chambered for .410 is sized for. Meaning if you fire a .45 Colt from a gun chambered for .410 only, you risk catastrophe, injury and even death. Big chance of having the bullet get stuck in the barrel, from what I hear.

Some claim on the *internets* that they do shoot .45 Colts out of .410 guns with no problems. I know there are guns chambered to shoot various dual cartridges (.45.-70 and .410, or guns like the Thompson contender, the Taurus Judge and Public Defender and the S&W Governor to shoot .45's and .410's both) but some guns like the M6 Scout rifle .410 barrel are not.

I've read of the name of a gunsmith that will bore the chamber and the.410 barrel of the M6 Scout rifle ever so slightly to accept the .45 Colt cartridge. I think he also has to rifle the barrel which may affect performance of the shotshell loads.

So the bore itself and the chamber have to be just a wee bit larger than the standard .410 bore to accomodate both the .410 shotshell and the .45 L.C. cartridge. As the venerable Thompson Contender pistol in this dual caliber designation does.

But the M6 Scout pistol was designed from the get go to chamber the .410 and the .45 Colt. It had a different trigger design and obviously the grip was different. It debuted at a SHOT show and then either never made it to the marketplace or was on the market only a short time.

If I recall correctly, these pistols were made by CZ and imported and {to be} sold by Springfield Armory. How about it, ladies and gentlemen? How about making and selling this fine firearm?

As an aside, I never understood why Thompson Center never built a double barrel version of it's great pistol the Contender. Especially 30 or so years ago when all kinds of shooters were all a ga-ga about the Contender. Like my Dad and I. We've loved them, and soon after buying one, bought another for me.

Sure, it would've required some engineering and some r&d, but not too much. All kind of barrel and cartridge combos could've been possible, but in a double configuration. Interchangeable double barrels on a double barreled receiver. Maybe now that Smith and Wesson owns T/C, they'd consider such a project.

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