Friday, March 30, 2012


Ruger introduced a number of very cool guns in the past couple of years, not the least of which is the Scout rifle and a passle of handguns. Just this week, over at THE FIREARM BLOG, I read about the newly introducted 10/22 takedown rifle that Ruger has introduced.

I got to handle a version of that over at my LGS over the lunch break. Solid. If I already didn't have several Ruger 10/22's in various flavors and a takedown Springfield Armory M6 Scout, I probably would've picked it up at the very reasonable price of $349.

Now, I hope Ruger takes this technology one step further and applies it to the Mini-14 Rifles. I would love to have a Mini-14 with takedown capability. I hate taking guns on trips and staying in hotels where you access your room via the lobby because nothing screams I HAVE A GUN YOU CAN STEAL like a traditional or tactical long gun case.

It would also be pretty cool if Ruger made some big bore rifles other than the Mini-14 in the takedown configuration, like maybe the old .44 magnum rifles.

Howsa about it, Ruger?


  1. A Ruger takedown .44 magnum rifle! Hey! I like that idea!

    That takedown 10/22 is downright tempting. The backpack is a nice touch.

  2. That's right, Zach! Also, and Ruger has never made a rotary magazine 357 magnum rifle, but the time is right for a takedown model of one of those as well. I'd probably still opt for the 44 mag takedown version if they made one, but I think there is a big market for a 357 version as well.

    BTW, it seems like several of the gun stores in the area have got the takedown 10/22 in stock, so the article wasn't kidding when it said that distributors already had the rifle and were sending it out to gun stores.