Saturday, March 24, 2012


Sorry for the deceptive title, but I haven't found the perfect FN 5.7 holster yet.

The Galco Concealable belt holster comes close, but no cigar. I don't understand why Galco makes several holsters for the 5.7 but they don't make the holster I like best, the Combat Master holster for the 5.7.

The Concealable and the Combat Master are very similar holsters, it's just that they ride differently. It's obviously not that they can't make the Combat Master big enough for the 5.7, because they make it for the Glock Model 17 and the Government Model 1911.

For this reason, I'm currently searching through various custom holster makers looking for a design similar to the Combat Master for the 5.7. Let me know if you know where any good holsters for the 5.7 are.

The Fobus Paddle holster fits the gun well, and works well like all Fobus products I own. I've managed to pick up on the cheap via ebay a number of Fobus Paddle and Belt loop holsters for some of the handguns I own, both revolver and automatic. I wonder why they don't expand their inventory, because I would think the major cost in making Fobus holsters is the making of the mold for the holsters to be formed. I'd like to see one for Rugar Blackhawks and various SAA revolvers.

It's too bad Fobus, and for that matter Galco, doesn't copy the  no- longer-made Bianchi Model 56 paddle holster, which features what I believe is the best designed paddle component of a holster EVER, not only in shape and size of the paddle but in the fact the paddle is covered on both sides with suede leather with the rough side out. Not only is this more comfortable to the wearer, as the suede doesn't stick to the body like the Fobus/Galco plastic paddle does, yet even though it doesn't stick to the skin the suede leather and the paddle design keep the holster in place weather wearing it or drawing the gun out of it. John Bianchi had, and still does have in his new company, many excellent holster designs. It's the company most represented in my holster drawer, followed by Galco.

Getting back to the 5.7, there is no old Model 56 paddle holster for me to troll ebay for and buy for the 5.7 because Bianchi had ceased making the suede paddle covered paddle holster by the time the 5.7 became available for regular folks to buy.

I've found that a High Noon IWB holster designed to fit the Beretta PX4 model pistol also fits the 5.7. well, but you have to remove the tension screw to ensure that perfect fit. I no longer have the PX4 Subcompact that I got the High Noon "Mr. Softy" for, but although the slide end of the gun extrudes nearly 2 inches, there are no drawing problems.

Glocks carry easy in low cut IWB holsters like the High Noon Mr. Softy. I've raved about the Mr. Softy because for a IWB holster to be effective, it must conceal. And the Mr. Softy can conceal the largest of handguns (in my case autoloaders like the Government Model 1911, the Hi- Power, a Model 21 Glock, etc). I've long ago traded the Beretta PX4 for another gun, but I had not gotten around to ebaying the High Noon holster I had for it because I thought it might fit some other pistols.

I do plan to order a Mr. Softy for the 5.7 soon, as I've been very pleased with the High Noon products I've purchased used off of ebay and new directly from High Noon. You can't beat the price, and for me who lives in a part of Texas that is often hot and humid, you can't beat the durability of the holster or it's ability to effectively conceal guns of various sizes when lightweight clothing is worn. I can effectively conceal a Glock 26 with a thin t-shirt and Ex-Officio shorts, which are also thin, with no clue I am exercising my constitutional rights and those rights that come with a CHL.

The 5.7 is as lightweight as a Glock, but with a different type of cartridge altogether. I like the 20 round capacity, and adding 10 rounds to the 20 round mags via the readily available for under $15 magazine extension adds much less bulk than a Glock 9mm with the 33 round extended magazine.

I'm constantly scoping out ebay and other auction sites for good deals on holsters. Likewise, the FB forum features a good sticky thread about holsters and magazine holders for the 5.7. Although I've owned several FN firearms in the past, namely Browning Hi-Powers, I never knew that their newer designs like the 5.7 were such fine pistols.

Now all I need is a PS90 as a companion for the 5.7. Yowzaa!

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