Friday, June 18, 2010


Pictured above is the Glock 36, a 6+1 .45 ACP single stack pistol. The thinnest Glock currently made, it became very popular with Glock fans looking for a powerful yet concealable pistol and for those with smaller hands. I fall into both catagories.

Since it's introduction about 10 years ago, it's become a very popular self defense carry weapon for many folks, including me. As I mentioned in the previous post, using Federal low recoil self defense ammo, it has the recoil of a .380, or at worst, a 9mm. Even with +P loads it's a very managable gun for a lightweight .45.

El Fisho Jr has no problem whatsoever doing double taps with the M36, even though he is a child. We often shoot ball ammo at the range, which has more recoil than the Federal loads mentioned above, and it's still no problem for El Fisho Jr. One reason I want to get a Model 19 is for the cheapness and availability of 9mm ammo, and because I think El Fisho Jr. would enjoy shooting it more. He's about to begin a combat shooting league with his dad, but he is adament he wants to use my M36 or get his own because of the grip size. So who knows, we may get another M36 instead of a M19 for that very reason.

I live in an urban area, so if the unfortunate situation evolved where I had to use deadly force to protect me or the family, I'm concerned about over penetration of my target. Like the sage Texas Ghostrider would say, use the handgun to get to the long gun, and for sure, the ideal home defense weapon is a shotgun with a light on it. Point light at target, destroy target with ultra minimum chance of over penetration. We don't want bullets going to visit the neighbors, and if it was in public, we certainly don't want to injure an innocent person. We just want to stop our intended threat.

If I were out in the country, choices for a defense weapon grow to include long arms and shotguns. My personal favorite long gun is the Ruger Ranch Rifle in .223, followed by a reliable AK. Just talk to anyone who was in Nam. When their M16's malfunctioned because of dirt, mud or other contaminants, it was not uncommon for them to grab an AK off an enemy and a bag of mags to fight their way home. Many developed such an affinity for the AK that they just packed away their M16's and used the AK's.

I too, prefer shooting an AK to an AR clone. I had good luck with the AR-15 I bought years ago, but still prefer the AK. For a scoped rifle, I've long been partial to my first deer rifle, a Marlin lever action 30-30. I've shot it so much and it shoots so dead on that I feel comfortable with targets at a distance.

For 30 years, I've believed that the Remington 870 is the perfect shotgun for me. 18" or 20" barrel, parkerized with a wooden stock that can be substituted with a Pachmayr pistol grip if necessary for slipping under the bed or carseat and an extended magazine. Add some buckshot and a few slugs further down the magazine in case the buckshot is not doing the trick and you're all set for self defense.

What is your favorite long gun for defensive use? And what is your dream self defense gun?

If I was ever going to get a Class 3 license, I'd want some form of high capacity .22 in full auto. I wonder how come no gun maker has ever made a belt feed .22 in full auto? I've seen a very cool aftermarket stock that (at least used to be sold) that mated two Ruger 10-22's to a single trigger mechanism. Outfitted with extended capacity mags, you can't imagine the damage a double .22 semi-auto rifle can inflict upon targets with bullets hitting a target about 1" apart.

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