Friday, June 25, 2010


As any occasional reader of my guns posts here might recall, I've mentioned that I've been wanting a polymer frame, high capacity 9mm with a thumb safety, traditional DA/SA action and a hammer I can see, not a striker.

I love Glocks, but like the 1911, a Glock is pretty much carried "cocked and locked" for defensive use. Holster selection, to me at least, is essential in preventing an accidental discharge with either of these fine weapons.

I've longed for a composite frame, hi cap 9mm that has a thumb safety and an actual hammer. The PX4 subcompact has this as well as a decocker, which is coupled with the thumb safety. I have not held one or shot one yet but my good friend whose sister purchased one rave about how the grip fit his smaller hand well. Guns tend to fit he and I similarly and we have similar taste in grip sizes. So that's a good sign.

My friend also said it is available with higher capacity mags but stock runs with a 13 round mag. You use grip adapters on the larger capacity mags made for the full size PX4, with up to apparently a 20 round mag. Yee-haw.

On the Berreta website, there is a nice comparison photo of this pistol and other pistols of it's size and capacity range. The Springfield XD's grip is a bit much for me, but I'm hoping the interchangeable grip pieces of the PX4 might make it fit my had well. It's a bit thicker in the slide (due to the safety) than a Glock or XD sub, but the grip is thinner. I like the fact I can extend the grip with a full size PX4 magazine yet have the compact barrel length for easy concealment.

I'll be calling several ranges tomorrow to see if they have this pistol as a rental so I can check one out. It's certainly a contender, particularly since the P250 experience with LPS's occurred. Prior to shooting the P250 and having issues with it, it was a top contender, but now is at the bottom of the list, barring a fix by Sig of the LPS problemo with it.


  1. I just got my PX4 Subcompact from the dealer. It is not stocked in the local shops so I had to order from Buds Gunshop in Lexington, KY. I haven't fired it yet due to time constraints, but I like it so far for the exact same reasons you mentioned above. I cannot afford to lose my job due to a lawsuit from an AD. I need to keep passing my background checks without fail to maintain my moderately expensive lifestyle. Anyhow, I hope you get your hands on one and I look forward to read your assessment on the product. Cheers.

  2. Actually, I'm working on a review right now. I've had it now for a few months. Great gun.