Friday, October 2, 2015


I took the summer off the blog, quite unintentionally. I meant to sit down and do some writing many times, but never even got as far as pulling up the page.

I took the title from a 1983/4-ish answering machine message my former roommate and friend Roberto and his then wife had on their machine when they were living in San Diego in a nice condo with NO AIR CONDITIONING during a record heat wave.  Of course, being from Houston, he ran out and obtained the largest window unit he could find, and in violation of deed restrictions and  such, installed it in the bedroom window.

"Hi. We're hiding in the shadows in the bedroom during the day during this heat wave. We'll be happy to return your call when the sun goes down and it's safe but yet still unconfortably hot to go into the living room where the phone is. So please leave a message."

It wasn't the record hot/draught summer we had a few years ago that was so totally unbearable with over 100 consecutive days of 100 degree + temps and no rain (if I recall correctly, something like that), but there were many day this summer that it was mis-er-a-ble outside.

Frankly, we've just been busy. Nothing horrid this summer, although for sure it was a horrid year for a death in the family, the loss of my dear mother, and that's cast a shadow over lots that's been going on. We are grandparents now, and that of course requires a certain amount of effort. We still have one at home, El Fisho Jr., who is an extremely talented and active kid with no behavior or teenage issues at all. None. No drama at all.

One of my dear friends became a famous Judge last year of a very important court, and I'm so proud of him. Good fortune has shined on us as a family this year, despite some minor (in the scheme of things) medical stuff that as per usual with us and a highly athletic kid. We had WAY LESS medical stuff this year than in the previous two years, so again we've been blessed.

So I've got another post to write at least tonight, but wanted to say Hey. HEY!


  1. Whew! There you are. I'll call back the search party.

    Welcome home!

  2. hope 2016 finds you safe and well--doug