Saturday, March 21, 2015


I've written on numerous occasions on this blog as have numerous others about how what the world does need now IS a CCH sized Glock in 9mm.

For years, as I've written repeatedly, I've carried the Glock M36. I declared it a marvel in gunmaking and comfort some 15 years ago, publicly and privately, after 8 years of carrying CCH a Glock M21 simply because I've always been a 45 ACP fan.

Since that time, I've become a fan of the G19/26 and 23 guns. But the 9mm are so fun to shoot, and I shoot so well with them. I'm a fan of all the Glock handguns, and wish I owned one of each, except maybe the .45 GAP, but maybe that has it's purpose.

Lots of my friends here in Texas carry Glocks, either as cops on and off duty and citizens. It's a reliable gun that many folks shoot very well with and it holds many bullets. True, the smaller M43 holds fewer rounds, but that's the trade-off for the situations or people where size does matter. Just carry "extree boohlets" as a friend of mine used to say.

The Glock M42 shoots well, but there is so much more that a 9mm in a defensive configuration can do than a .380 can.

Here in Texas, it's fixing to get hot. Hot hot hot. Hot weather means many of us dress in thin shirts and shorts, not risque mind you, or at least not me, but thin. Breezy. I like a lot of the shirts made of moisture wicking fabric that wick moisture away, but they are thin fabrics prone to printing a larger handgun, even in an IWB holster. 

Wearing a +1 t-shirt or polo can conceal a Glock Model 19/24 or better a M26 or a 3"1911 or a J frame revolver, but a smaller gun does conceal much better. And sometimes larger shirts are just hotter shirts.

And suits are an entire different story. A suit cut to fit a larger handgun in a IWB such as the High Noon Mr. Softy or the Alessi equivalent, such as a Glock M19/23, which will often also accommodate a fit on guns such as the H&K P7, H&KP30s, and 1911 Commanders. In some cases, some cuts of a jacket and pant will even conceal a larger weapon like the FN 5.7 or a Glock M20/21 or a 1911 Government, not to mention K and 

Yes, on most occasions I prefer a larger gun, and most of the year I carry a larger gun, even a Government 1911 on lots of occasions. Under the right clothing, it's very concealable. 

But again, there are those times when having a smaller handgun is a necessity. I enjoy my lighter weight J frames and Colt snubbies, but you can't deny how much easier the Glock M42 in a IWB holster is than a .38 snubbie.

So post on up what you think about the Glock M43. You can go to All Outdoors dot com and read about it and see a video with gun guru Massad Ayoob talking about it.

But hopefully we'll see these new guns in stores soon. Glock says next week. Sure to be a hot seller, I'd predict, best get on a waiting list at your favorite store that sells Glocks regularly

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