Friday, August 31, 2012


Dear Mr. Eastwood:

Thanks Mr. Eastwood, for not disappointing me. I knew that at some point, like last night, you were going to spring forth from your well-deserved low profile lifestyle and SAVE AMERICA!

And I think maybe you just did that last night.

Because of your stardom that transcends political loyalties and boundaries, you have people that will listen to you who would normally tune any Republican message out. I think that today at least a few might be swayed to perhaps ponder that they still have the same unfulfilled hopes they had three and a half years ago but all the change we've seen in the past three years has been bad for them as persons and as a family.

23 million people out of work.

The economy is in the toilet.

No hopes of improvement on either front, or regarding the numerous other pressing
problems facing our nation and world.

Everyone looks to the US to lead the way to solving problems. They may not want to admit it, but they still do. Even fruitcake led countries like Venezuela.

Here's my prediction: The Democrats will get some Hollywood personality, maybe even someone as entertaining as Sean Penn, to imitate you at their convention. You know what they say, imitation is the sincerest...blah blah blah.

I'm a fifty something year old man. You're roughly the same age as my late father. I've admired your careers, not only as an actor and director but as the fine Mayor for many years. Mr. Eastwood, I'm hoping that some of the liberal pundits who are banging you as "rambling" and "sad" in the media today are able to take a deep look at someone other than themselves and take a glance around this country and they would quickly see how this country has taken a nosedive since President Obama took office.

The empty chair metaphor, was, in a word, brilliant. And unfortunately, highly descriptive of the POTUS we have now. An empty chair in an empty office.

It's unfortunate that the liberal media pundits couldn't look past the venue to the man and the message. I realize this "isn't about you", but the pundits can't. One reason many average joes like me have respect for you as a person is that you've taken care of your friends over the years. As you became a star and later a director, you gave your friends repeat roles in films and shared your prosperity with them. This isn't lost on America. That's why I say your speech was very important.

That's the kind vision we need our president to have towards the rapidly disappearing middle class, and unfortunately, it's not the kind of presidental attitude we've got right now.

I found your speech entertaining and somewhat profound. Again, some of the critics are so busy being politically defensive that they didn't see the olive branches you were trying to extend to everyone in America in your speech. As you said, there is no need to be metal masochists just to give a bad president a second term because a person would personally feel sorry for him when he loses this election but realize it's in the best interest of the country for him to be a one term president.

Thanks, for letting a normal guy have one hero that made it intact throughout the decades to come shining through like you did last night. I've had all kinds of heroes, mentors and role models in my life, and since all of us are made of sand, everyone up until now has disappointed me, except my wonderful father. And now, you.

Thanks for being a great American, Mr. Eastwood. You were just saying what most of the rest of us are thinking. It's time for a change, for the good of the future.

And yes, you did make my day!

P.S. You've given me a great idea for closing arguments in trials I handle. A prosecutor talking to an empty chair, in which sits the "invisible citizen" that is the state's interest in keeping a state free of violent criminals, about why this violent criminal needs to go away. It's reversible error to read a pretend note to the jury from a murder victim, but no error to address the "invisible citizen" on why the jury must lock a violent criminal away. Thanks!


  1. Well said! I did not watch the clip of his RNC bit until a moment ago and I found it outstanding!

  2. Thanks James. Somehow, I felt I was speaking for you as well when I was writing that!