Saturday, June 30, 2012


Over at GUNS HOLSTERS AND GEAR, there's a post about an interview with the Smith and Wesson CEO and some explanations of the various contracts that S&W have with Walther and what the status of those contracts is.

The one thing that interests me is, if you read to the end of that post, is that Walther will be able to sell their German made guns here. I'd sure like to see a revamping of the .22 PPK or PPK/S or even a PP. It's been too long since these were imported new by Interarms  and I sold the .22 Interarms PPK/S I had in a foolish deed years ago. I've never understood why S&W didn't seek that share of the market and make a .22 LR alongside the .32 and .380 versions. I mean, it's not like they'd be reinventing the wheel here.  And I think it would be a huge seller, if it sold at the same price that that centerfire versions sell for new. Even if there was a premium attached, I'd be paying it, and so would many others.

One day I'll stumble onto a Interarms PP/PPK/PPK/S in .22 LR that is in good enough shape to buy. The examples that I've seen that were "affordable" (using that term lightly) were too beat for me and the better condition ones begin in the $1,200 range that I've found. One day soon I know I'll stumble onto the perfect balance of condition and price.

So my simple wish is for Walther and/or Smith and Wesson to realize that there is a market share out here who would buy a .22 version of a gun they already make in centerfire, and that they could have that "profit margin" they are so concerned with even more. If the parts are not available to bring from Europe to knock this gun out in .22 caliber, then show some initiative and make the parts here. I suspect the barrel and firing mechanism differs in rimfire vs. centerfire but again, it's been made before for many years and it should be no mystery how to make it again.


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