Friday, February 10, 2012


It's a damn nice rifle. I've been aware of these beauties since the 1990's, when I read a feature on them in GUNS magazine. Since then, I periodically pined for one every now and then, only to tell myself it's too expensive.

This week was a particularly difficult week for those of us who think the Alaskan Co-Pilot is a rocking rifle. I happened to mention to my gun friend Max that I was really thinking seriously about buying the Co-Pilot and began to explain the concept of the rifle to him. To my surprise, he has also been a longtime fan of the Co-Pilot, and even visited with the owner of Wild West Guns, who craft the Co-Pilot from a Marlin lever action rifle, at an NRA convention in Houston in the 2000's.

Max sounds just like me when talking about the Co-Pilot: "...And you can get it in hard chrome!".

So we were at lunch with our friend Cowboy, an inveterate hunter and firearms fanatic if ever there was one, and it turns out that he too has been a'wanting one of the Co-Pilots for many years as well.

I'm shopping for a used Marlin .45-70 that I can send off to have customized and modified by Wild West Guns. One of my friends here locally has several, and was talking about getting rid of at least one of them, so I've got a track on getting one at a reasonable price.

Unless I do some heavy duty ebaying, I'll be getting the parkerized version with the synthetic stock, rather than the ultimate kevlar stocked and hard chromed version.

I'll keep you posted.

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