Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I've had the Fishing For History: The History of Fishing and Fishing Tackle on my blogroll for sometime now, and the above link is to a recent post about ultralight fly fishing. Excellent post and pictures. That is exactly what I need is a nice 5' two weight fly rod with a nice cork seat. One day soon I'll find a nice one like that.

Dr. Todd Larson is the author, and I haven't read his bio so I can't tell you much about him, other than I share some of his arcane interest in old fishing tackle and the history of it and the companies who made and sold it. Why, it's the story of fishing in America itself!

I'm particularly interested in efforts like this, however. This rod and reel is a nice little find for the good doctor.


  1. My largest fish on UL and 4# test is over 16 lbs. Took 45 minutes to land it on the boat ramp. It may have been a carp but oh did it fight!

    I have some nice vintage gear that puts me in a different state of mind when I use it. I love new equipment but when I fight a fish on a 55 yr old rod it just makes me enjoy the day more.

  2. Dude, that's a battle whether gar or carp or largemouth. I'm not sure anything but a supersized and in-shape bucketmouth could go 45 minutes even on 4lb test. Good fishing!

    I agree on the vintage gear and I'll be talking about that in my next post. I've got my grandpa's stuff and he fished from Missouri to East Texas to California to the Gulf and had all the requisite gear for each locale. I need to do a feature on it. I almost always take one vintage grandpa rig with me of some sort. And I need to do photos and posts on that stuff.

    Glad you dig the vintage vibe. Wouldn't it be cool to get some good friends and family and have an old time 1940's "The war is over" weekend fishing camp at a fishy locale? Just using old fishing gear?

    Thanks so much for reading my stuff and commenting.

    El Fishing Musician
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