Tuesday, July 12, 2011


As one of the commenters whom I am honored to have grace the webspace of this effort of mine, Helene Burnett introduced me to the phrase "Gift Rooster", which is not just a phrase but really a descriptor, a series of events and much more that surround a surprise rooster that appears in the area.

Several months ago, Gift Rooster appeared from down the road. Several folks in my area raise yardbirds, small time chicken and egg operations mostly for their own consumption and for farmer's market fodder for trade and sale. After a few weeks of circling my home and my terrified bird dog mutts, the Gift Rooster moved on down the street, several blocks away. One neighbor who lives over that way erected a canopy, a stoop and a feeding area for the Gift Rooster on the side of his garage.

It's been hot as Hades ALREADY in Texas back in May, same kind of hot others in the USA are getting in this heat wave we're having. And back then, Gift Rooster spent his days under foliage in the back of a neighbors yard, roaming and crowing in the early and late hours when it was much cooler.

Somewhere in the past several weeks, Gift Rooster managed to talk my neighbor Ms. College Professor/Urban Farmer into letting him move into her coop. I don't know what her rooster situation was before Gift Rooster, but apparently the coop belongeth to Gift Rooster now, as evidenced by the cell phone pics from last Thursday.

Gift Rooster climbed atop the metal chicken coop that Professor Urban Farmer has and was letting the world know that he's the king of that roost. Man, he was crowing as if his life depended on it. The pic is not that great, and bear in mind I had to sneak up on him and take the shot without him knowing, because he's highly skittish and will move at a moments noise or activity. So I crept up on him and at least got a couple of pics.

I haven't had a chance to talk to the Professor Urban Farmer to find out why she moved the Rooster in her coop. I'm sure she has her reasons, and I still enjoy hearing the crowing in the mornings, because it reminds me of the old days at Grandma's in East Texas.

So alls well that, for now, ends well. The old owner doesn't want Gift Rooster back, and his new owner appears to be getting along great with him. And the psychological condition of my dogs has improved vastly since the Gift Rooster found a permanant abode out of their sight. They can't see him but they can hear him, and when his crow flies through the air, they stop and listen and try to figure out how far away he is.

The Gift Rooster Abides.


  1. Thanks for the boost this morning! Honored to be mentioned.

    It's a goodness when an indigent rooster finds a home. Just ask the dogs.

    That looks like one big bird! No wonder the dogs were concerned.

    Soon we may be finding out all about gift donkeys.

  2. The dogs are no longer asking for doggie valium. They now are able to relax, even though the rooster is just a few feet further. They seem to know he's now home in that backyard, and they are obviously not so shaken every time they go outside now.

    Thanks for the Gift Rooster words and for stopping by!

    El Fisho