Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random Vampire thoughts

As I was doing some quick shopping at my local mega-grocery store, I was *once again* struck by the large number of people that have tattoos. And not just say, a tattoo of a strawberry on their shoulder, hidden under clothing, which the owner got because all the other sorority girls got one.

The area where I dwell, like many areas of this country, is filled with tattoo'd masses. They're everywhere, it seems. I ask tatt rats all the time, why did you get a tattoo. Many of them tell me so that they can be "individual" and "different" from everyone else. Everyone else that also has a tattoo. So they are trying to be different by being like everyone else who is trying to be different by being like everyone else.

And the more commonplace that having a tattoo becomes, the more brazen and un-hideable locations seem to be becoming popular. Like the neck tattoo.

Now, I'm talking about the big hunkin' neck tattoos in places that can't be hidden, like on the sides of necks where long hair doesn't cover. I don't know what motivates a person to get their name, their baby's name, their woman's name, their families name, or most commonly it seems, their baby's daddy's name, written in some kind of Olde English gothic script about 3" tall and RED letters on the side of their neck.

So my random thought of the night is, what if those idiots with neck tattoos are really vampires. Or maybe, like in the Blade movies, the ones with the neck tattoos are not the vampires (or at least the vampires in charge) but are the hoi polloi of the vampire race. Because I mean really, what self-respecting vampire would be stupid enough to have his or someone else's name tattoo'd on their neck.

If that were true, that the tattoo'd masses of neck art were really vampires then there would be a lot of frickin' vampires out there.

I'm just saying...

Next, I'll post about facial piercings and werewolves.

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